Step 1 – Basic Data

Using menu Main/School or in Wizard step 1, you can enter the following data:



1. Name of your school

2. Academic year

3. Days for which you are going to create the timetable (if your school also teaches on Saturday, it is necessary to include Saturday in the list).

4. Number of lessons per day. This is the maximum number of lessons you have at your school.

5. Specify if you want to use zero lessons. Many schools have a special lesson before the main teaching starts. If this is not your case uncheck this option.

6. If you have a timetable for more than 7 days, you can input the number of days into the last combo box. If you have less than 7, just leave this combo box empty.

Move from Step 1 to Step 2 by clicking on Next.

Note 1 – All data entered in the Wizard can be changed anytime later. You can recall the wizard via menu Specification/Wizard.

Note 2 – Your registration number is connected with your school’s name, therefore if it changes, the program will be automatically closed. On the next run it is then necessary to enter the original name of the school and the registration number, or enter a new name of the school and register the program again.

Note 3 – Bells tabs specify when your lesson starts and ends.

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