Step 5 – Classrooms

As in the previous step, here you can create, edit or delete classrooms. You can also enter when a classroom is free to use.



Click New

Add the Room Name ( or place of study name)

Choose if this is a homeclassroom or not

If it is a homeclassroom, then click on the tick box and choose which class belongs to this room.

Then click OK.

If it is not a homeclassroom, just click OK


Then Click Next to go to the Step 6

Theoretically the classrooms can be omitted and you can create a timetable without entering any classrooms.

However most schools have serious classroom shortages and the schedule generated without classrooms would be useless. So entering classrooms is not only good to tell the students where to go, but also to tell the generator algorithm not to put 2 Biologi lessons at the same time, when your school has only 1 Makmal Biologi room.

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