Step 6 – Teachers

Here you can use buttons New…, Edit…, and Remove to add, edit and remove teachers. You can use the button Time off… to enter slots in which the selected teacher cannot teach.



Click on New

Add the teacher’s name in either First Name or Last Name only. ( This will be useful for Asian Countries)

Enter his/her shortform initials

Check if this teacher is male or female ( not necessary)

Enter his/her email address ( important if you are using Edupage)

Choose if this teacher is the class teacher for which class, if applicable

And Click OK




When you Click on OK you will be brought to another pop up specifying what subjects this teacher will be teaching.

It is recommended you click CLOSE and first enter all the teacher’s names first.


You can also set:

• Contract – enter teacher’s contract (lessons he is teaching)
• Color – select color for the teacher
• Details – set other properties for the teacher. This includes the maximum number of windows (gaps), the number of days he/she can teach and the maximum number of lessons the teacher can teach consecutively.

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