Step 6/1 – Teacher’s Contract

By clicking on Lessons… you can display the lessons for a specific class or a teacher.

Here you can add new lessons, edit existing ones, remove some lessons, add more lessons at once and also copy some lessons to another class.




1. Teacher: Here you can select teacher who is teaching this class. You can also choose “Without teacher” if you are inputting some special lessons or you have not yet decided about teacher for this lesson.

2. More teachers…: By clicking on this button you can add other teachers to this lesson in case some teachers teach together. Be careful this means that those teachers will teach that lesson together in the same classroom. So if you specify that boys from 1A have Pendidikan Jasmani with 2 teachers then it means that students will have PJ with two teachers. This can be good if one teacher is there just to take care the boys and the other will be for girls as for this subject, the female teacher will be in charge of the girls and vice versa.

3. Subject: By clicking on the arrow on the right you will display a list of subjects. You can select a subject with the mouse or by typing in starting letters.

4. Class – Similar to the subject, here you can select concrete class

5. Group – here you can choose group of class from existing divisions

6. Division – You can also add a new division.

7. Joint classes – If classes are put together, click on the button Joint classes…

8. Number of lessons per week: Enter the number directly.
This number means how many lessons of this subject should be taught in this class per week.

9. Duration: The lesson can last for one, two, three, or more periods.

10. Cycle – If your school runs on other than one week cycle then you can define it here.

11. Home classroom – Mark this option, if the lesson can be taught in the home (basic) classroom.
Shared Classroom – Mark this option, if the lesson can be taught in one of the group (shared) classrooms.
Other Available Classrooms – Abbreviations of other enabled classrooms. You can change them with the Change button. This will ensure that the software picks either one of the selected classrooms or if there is only 1 classroom selected, that will be the classroom

12. A lesson might require More Classrooms.


Click OK and continue with the other subjects for this teacher or click CLOSE to enter data for other teachers.


Click NEXT once you have completed and we are ready for the generation of your school timetables.

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