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What is Asc Timetables?
« on: November 18, 2009, 10:29:41 PM »
Welcome to aSc TimeTables, the timetabling software that can generate school timetable up to the last card.

This timetabling program can be used to create weekly (or multi-week) timetables. It handles these scheduling tasks:

    * Entering basic data: classes, teachers, classrooms, subjects, lessons (cards), school week, start and stop times etc...
    * Defining timetable constraints: availability of resources (class, teacher, classroom, subject), card relationships (evenly distribution, subject order, ...), various teacher/class related limits (windows, exhaustion, lunch breaks, ...) and many more...

    * Generating timetable: Program contains very powerful automatic generator algorithm. It can generate your schedule in a few minutes without leaving any unset card. You can then improve your constraints to create an even better timetable. If it is not possible to create a schedule, our school scheduling program contains a set of testing tools which can help you isolate your problem, whether it be a mistake inputting data or restraints that are too constrictive. Or, you can send your timetable to our hotline at to receive skilled advice from our support personnel. You can also make some changes in timetables manually.

    * Maintaining your timetable through the school year: Print support ranges from printing individual timetables to printing big summary timetable which you can put on your school's noticeboard. You can also export timetables to MS Excel or HTML for publishing on your school's web site or intranet. When you purchase aSc TimeTables, you will get also the aSc Substitutions program for free. This program lets you handle day-to-day problems with substitution of absenting teachers.

aSc Timetables' offers:

    * multilicense for all school's computers
    * free support by email
    * free upgrades
    * aSc Substitutions

Top features:

Simple data entry

Automatic Generating
   * The minimization of gaps in teachers' schedules, the limitation of maximal number of gaps in teachers' schedules, as well as the limitation of days, when teachers teach.
    * Classes of a subject has to be distributed equably in the entire week.
    * Verification of succession of entire and divided classes.
    * Placing lessons into allowed classrooms.
    * And many more...

Verification of the timetable

Complete print

Intuitive control

aSc Substitutions / Relief

aSc Mobile TimeTables

Boy2099 Sdn Bhd is the AUTHORISED Partner Distributor for aSc Timetables in Malaysia.

Find out more at
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