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Fingertec Thumbprint Attendance System

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and simple biometrics time attendance clock, our Thumbprint Attendance System is your ultimate choice. It can contain up to 10,000 fingerprint templates and 100,000 transaction logs in its flash memory at any given time.
This device verifies fingerprint, password and it accepts embedment of card technology upon request. Equipped with the most commonly used IP communication method and USB flash disk, it is the most powerful simple attendance system for offices.

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Plug and Play

Easy to operate, connect it to the power source and it’s ready to roll! Use a back up battery and you can make it mobile for your convenience.

Intuitive Navigation

Equipped with colored screen LCD and intuitive icons, navigation is easy and hassle free

Small in Size, Large in Storage

Can contain up to 10,000 fingerprints and 100,000 transaction logs, more than sufficient for your office requirements

Easy Data Management

IP communication, Serial connection and USB Flash disk are available for your choice of connectivity

Manage Your Data Easily

Administration of data is made easy by FingerTec most sought after software, TCMS V2.